Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Committee on Transport Engineering 

The Committee on Transport Engineering belongs to Technical Department IV of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA). The areas of science fostered by the department and the scientific committees are the following: acoustics, materials sciences and technologies, automation and computing, hydrodynamics and thermal engineering, electrotechnics, electronic devices and technologies, energetics, architecture science, machine elements, informatics, transport science, metallurgy, fibre and composite technology, mechanics of solids, telecommunications systems, and the science of water management. The department is operated according to the regulations of the order of business with meetings organized on a monthly basis. It organizes scientific events connected to the annual general assembly and the Festival of the Hungarian Science. It also organizes inaugurals, reader meetings, memorial meetings and inquests. It monitors, supports and evaluates the scientific activities that fall under its scope, and takes a stand on scientific, science policy and science management questions. It also forms opinion on the activities of the academic research organizations belonging to it, and on the activities of the faculty research groups as well as the university, public collection and other research organizations supported by MTA. It contributes to the process of awarding the scientific title of 'The Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences' in a way defined by the regulation. The scientific and science policy work of the department is supported by disciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific committees.



Drivingcamp Hungary, one of the most modern and developed driving technique and road safety centres of Europe opened its gates in the fall of 2012. Through its driving technique trainings on its course, the centre enables participants to practice preventing and averting the most common dangerous road situations under fully safe conditions.


Hungarian Auto Club 

Hungarian Auto Club makes significant efforts to improve road safety. The statutes of the 116 years old organization lays down its responsibility of contributing to the development of motorization, and the improvement of road safety and transport culture. As part of its diverse activities the Club introduced, for example, the syllabus of the "Who is the master of two wheels?" road safety education program launched 30 years ago.

The Municipality of Tata is also committed to the improvement of road safety, hence it supports the efforts of the Club and often provides the venue for its events. 

Vas County Chamber of Engineers and the Vas County Regional Office of KTE 

MUSTRA is a several years old common event of the Vas County Chamber of Engineers and the Vas County Regional Office of KTE, serving as a platform for introducing the latest transport projects and planned development concepts of the county to an audience of experts. Its main aims are informing, awareness raising and providing a forum for public and professional dialogue in actual topics concerning the community and the direct environment. The topic of the recent MUSTRA was opinion forming on transport culture by involving the County Police Headquarters and driving trainers as well, and by organizing a moderated roundtable discussion on the transport culture of Hungary with the active participation of the audience.


Vas County Chamber of Engineers 

The Chamber is a regular participant in organizing events for the Day of Transport Culture.


Hungarian Road Transport Association (MKFE)

MKFE represents the interests of 2500 freight and passenger transport companies nationally and internationally. It provides its members with information essential for everyday work, business decisions and safe operation. MKFE attends particularly to safety and supports all causes that contribute to the transport and working safety of its member companies. 


HungaroControl Plc.

The strategic aim of HungaroControl is the retaining of its independence as well as the long-term sustenance of its financial and economic stability attained through careful planning, in a way that meets the performance targets of the European Union on a long term. Hence the company makes maximal efforts to carry out profitable business activities. 

In its new business strategy the company has created four main strategic units encompassing the major activities of HungaroControl. These are the En-route Control, the Terminal Control, the Simulation and the Training business units. 

HungaroControl also makes significant efforts on the organizational level to increase its competitiveness. Hence, three key functional areas have been identified which handle the infrastructure critical for the activities of the strategic business units, which manage decisive resources, and which are decisive for the entire company. The highlighted functional areas are technology, human resources, and international affairs.


Széchenyi István University, Győr-Moson-Sopron County Accident Prevention Committee

The subject "Transport safety" offered by the university for Bsc students, which in fact serves more as awareness raising, provides a comprehensive view on cultured transport and defensive driving, 

The task of the Traffic Department at the County Police Headquarters is to filter drink drivers out of traffic. 


KTI Institute for Transport Sciences Nonprofit Ltd.

The performance and development of research, analytical and educational activities concerning the safety issues of road infrastructure and education in safe transport; furthermore the national and international introduction and promotion of the results.


Békés County Government Agency – Békés County Regional Office of KTE  Békés County Accident Precention Committee 

Motorcycle season opening training (for the 8th year); road safety lectures and programs at school events; experiments and research on the effects of mobile phone use whilst driving.


Municipality of Kocs

We have announced similar events mainly for the youth several times during the Children's Day or the Coach Pushing Festival. 


Federation of National Private Transporters (NiT Hungary)

NiT Hungary is member of GRSP Hungary and the European Road Safety Charter as well as a signing member of the Day of Transport Culture event series since 2016. The organization is also a participant in the work carried out by the Coordination Body of the National Police Headquarters - National Accident Prevention Committee. As the largest professional representative association for national freight transport companies, NiT Hungary is committed to the improvement of road safety. In order to improve the driving technique and risk prevention skills of heavy duty vehicle drivers, the organization, as a joint owner, established Drivincamp  near Zsámbék, which is Europe's most modern driving technique and road safety centre. For six years NiT Hungary has been the main organizer of the nationwide road safety and driving technique competition 'On 5 axles with a sure hand (Seeking the best truck driver of Hungary)'. Furthermore the organization has contributed to road safety with activities such as the conspicuity marking campaign in 2009 and 2013, participation in the 'Drive well' driving technique training program offered by the Ministry of National Development in 2016, the annual road safety contest for schoolchildren 'See with my eyes' or the passenger safety publication 'The Ten Commandments for bus trips' from 2017.


Tima Endre Primary School 

Integrating the topics of public transport and road rules into the curriculum. 120 transport lessons and activities for the students within the framework of the TÁMOP Programme.


National Police Headquarters - National Accident Prevention Committee

The National Accident Prevention Committee is an organization without legal personality which has been established to execute police tasks aimed at improving transport safety, and provides advice, recommendation and opinion on transport safety matters, as well as coordinates the accident prevention tasks and transport safety communications activity of the Police.


Hungarian Public Road Nonprofit Plc, Kiskőrös Road History Museum

Hungarian Public Road Nonprofit Plc is one of the founding members of the event, and has been organizing programs for the Day of Transport Culture every year since the very first occasion. The promotion of road rules and road safety is also part of our own museum pedagogy program. 


Hungarian Rail History Park Foundation (MVPA)

The Hungarian Rail History Park Foundation has organized a program for the Day of Transport Culture in each year in order to raise awareness about the consequences of the most frequent offences to road and rail rules (train & car crash in a level crossings, police scene investigation, first aid). A permanent exhibition is provided on the environmental effects of transport and on railway vehicle construction from recyclable materials. 


Association of Hungarian Logistics Service Centers (MLSZKSZ)

MLSZKSZ is a decisive professional organization of the Hungarian logistics sector. We are highly committed to the development of intermodal freight transport in Hungary both on water and on rails. The direct result of increasing intermodal traffic is the continuous decreasing of heavy duty road vehicle traffic, proportionately improving transport culture and road safety. For the last seven years our association has continuously evaluated the development of the national intermodal traffic and has been offering development recommendations to the all-time governments.


National University of Public Service, Doctoral School of Law Enforcement, Faculty of Public Order

Conveying the understanding of the importance of transport safety has continuously been emphasized in the education of future traffic police officers at the Doctoral School of Law Enforcement of the National University of Public Service as well as its legal predecessor, the College of Police Officers. The colleagues of the Faculty of Public Order regularly participate in police trainings and in organizing the programs of the National Accident Prevention Committee.

Makadám Engineers Club

Although the Makadám Engineers Club has non such activities of its own, its invited guests do deal with transport culture: e.g. Óbuda Esernyős, the organization responsible for the launching of the Bike&Breakfast movement, or Mesterbike Café which functions as a café, bike shop and service at the same time.


Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Governmental Agency 

The agency actively and regularly participates in the events and enforcement campaigns aimed at the improvement of road safety, organized by the County Accident Prevention Committee, the Ministry of National Development, the County Police Headquarters, the County Directorate for Disaster Management, and the Regional Offices of the Governmental Agency. 


MÁV Zrt.

According to the Railway Safety Task Plan of MÁV Zrt. we make significant efforts all year long to promote the importance of the safe use of railway crossings. 

We perform regular traffic controls at the railway crossings of high regional importance with the National Police Headquarters in order to prevent accidents and to lower their risk. 


Danubius National Rowing Club 

In the breaks between the races on our event, "The Danube is calling!" rowing regatta we will organize a panel discussion with renown water transport experts sharing their views on the transport safety of the Danube. The discussion will reveal the results achieved so far concerning the development of the water transport culture and the challenges lying ahead, furthermore the invited experts may recommend policy interventions that could improve the infrastructure safety of the Danube.


MAÚT Hungarian Road and Rail Society

Our society has been a participant of the Day of Transport Culture for years. 


Groupama Driving Centre 

The centre has been involved in organizing this illustrious day ever since its first occasion. So far we have prepared motorcycling and children's road safety programs at the Hungaroring or at other locations. 


Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurt Railway Corporation (GYSEV)

GYSEV is a regular organizer and/or participant of various transport safety events (e.g. VOLT Festival, International Level Crossing Awareness Day Family Day, Győr-Mobilis) which serve as means for transport safety awareness raising. Through these events we wish promote the proper use of railway crossings to road users in order to reduce the number of accidents occurring at such locations. 


GRSP Hungary 

GRSP Hungary has been making efforts since 2005 to reduce the number of road casualties in Hungary mainly by attempting to positively shape road user behaviour with special regard to vulnerable road users. To achieve this, the association organizes various events, trainings and carries out comprehensive programs and researches. 


Budapest Police Headquarters, Danube Waterway Police Headquarters 

Continuous preventive activities with special regard to the age group of 12-20. 


Innotéka Kft.

Publishing articles on the topic of transport development in the Innotéka magazine and in one special edition per year.


National Association of Radio Distress-signalling and Infocommunications (RSOE)

The statutes of our association states that RSOE is committed to the safety of our fellow citizens both on land and on water. In line with this we have been in close cooperation with the National Accident Prevention Committee for many years and we have supported their accident prevention activities through various events reaching out to masses (EFOTT, Strand Festival, OpenRoadFest at Alsóörs etc.).


Hungarian Public Road Plc. 

As the operator of the national roads Hungarian Public Road Plc. continuously monitors the trend of the road safety statistics. Its well trained road safety auditors keep track of the accident hotspots and give recommendations or even carry out intervention measures if neccessary in order to terminate these hotspots.


National Auxiliary Police Association (OPSZ)

Ever since its establishment more than 25 years ago OPSZ has been striving to reduce the number of road casualties in Hungary. Thus positively shaping road user behaviour with special regard to vulnerable road users is a main priority for the Auxiliary Police Associations, which objective is supported by their patrol and preventive responsibilities, by organizing events and by carrying out a comprehensive accident prevention program since 2015. 


Főmterv Zrt.

Supporting bicycle commuting to work (bicycle-racks, shower facility, optional MOL Bubi seasonal ticket besides the BKV seasonal ticket as support).


Budapest and Pest County Chamber of Engineers 

Participation in the central events of the Day of Transport Culture since 2015; supporting the transport safety activities of municipalities through announcing a successful tender twice (in 2016 and 2017) titled 'Increasing road safety in municipalities'; awarding its winners in MÜPA; organizing the annual conference 'Transport Development in Hungary'.


Department of Transport Systems and Policy, Students Research Group on Transport, University of Szczecin, Poland

The Department of Transport Systems and Policy holds significant expertise in transport safety both in its scientific and didactic dimension. In the scientific dimension it publishes publications (including Prof. E. Załoga), while its didactic activities include lessons in various subjects such as transport economics, safety in land transport, technical and economic aspects of rail transport.


Magyar Plastiroute Kft.

Magyar Plastiroute Kft. contributes to the improvement of road safety with its integrated traffic technology solutions both for urban roads and motorways. The company established more than 25 years ago plays a significant role in widely promoting new technologies. It was also among the first companies to join the event of the Day of Transport Culture.


BKK - Centre for Budapest Transport 

BKK has been an active partner of KTE from the very first Day of Transport Culture. Several of our campaigns promote transport safety and mutual attentiveness to our passengers with the European Mobility Week being one of our most highlighted activities. 


Komárom-Esztergom County Regional Office of KTE and  Centre for Midwest Hungary Transport

In 2017 the Regional Office of KTE in collaboration with the Centre for Midwest Hungary Transport organized the displaying of the message and the logo of the Day of Transport Culture on the local buses in Tatabánya. 


'With responsibility for Road Users' Foundation (KRESZ-SULI)

We have been manufacturing and developing transport education tools for nearly 15 years in partnership with various organizations focused on transport. As part of our social responsibility we use these tools ourselves for educating children at various events as well as in schools and kindergartens. Using our thematic methodology guide we play a role mainly in the transport education and sensitizing of the age group of 3 to 10 years. We established the brand KRESZ-SULI which has become the trademark of high quality, well usable transport education tools and interactive, playful transport education activities.


Urban Transport periodical 

The periodical of KTE titled Urban Transport aims at reaching out to the wide spectrum of both professionals and non-professionals with articles on urban transport including the important topics of transport culture and transport safety. The articles are grouped into thematic issues which shall feature cultured transport and transport safety too in the future.


Professional Partners:

  • Budapest és Pest Megyei Mérnöki Kamara
  • Közlekedéstudományi Intézet Nonprofit Kft.
  • Nemzeti Fejlesztési Minisztérium
  • Közlekedéstudományi Egyesület
  • Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Közlekedés- és Járműtudományi Bizottság
  • Magyar Autóklub
  • Vas Megyei Mérnöki Kamara
  • Magyar Közúti Fuvarozók Egyesülete
  • Hungaro Control Zrt.
  • Széchenyi István Egyetem
  • Magyar Közút Nzrt. Kiskőrösi Úttörténeti Múzeum
  • Magyar Vasúttörténeti Park Alapítvány (MVPA)
  • Magyarországi Logisztikai Szolgáltató Központok Szövetsége
  • Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem, Rendészettudományi Kar, Közbiztonsági Tanszék
  • Makadám Mérnök Klub
  • Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Megyei Kormányhivatal
  • MÁV Zrt.
  • Danubius Nemzeti Hajós Egylet
  • MAÚT Magyar Út- és Vasútügyi Társaság
  • „Tanpálya” Vezetéstechnikai Centrum Kft.
  • Magyar Közlekedési Szövetség
  • Békés Megyei Kormányhivatal
  • Kocs Község Önkormányzata
  • Magánvállalkozók Nemzeti Fuvarozó Ipartestülete – NiT Hungary
  • Tima Endre Általános Iskola
  • ORFK-Országos Balesetmegelőzési Bizottság
  • Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurti-Vasút Zrt.
  • GRSP Magyarország Egyesület
  • Budapesti Rendőr-főkapitányság Dunai Vízirendészeti Rendőrkapitányság
  • KTE Baranya Megyei Területi Szervezet
  • Magyar Autóklub Oldtimer Szekció
  • Baranya Megyei Balesetmegelőzési Bizottság - Pécs
  • Dél-Dunántúli Közlekedési Központ Zrt.
  • Free Mobility Egyesület
  • "A PÉCSI GYORS" - Vasútmodellező Klub
  • Pécsi Tudományegyetem - University Of Pécs
  • Tüke Busz Zrt.
  • Békés Megyei Balesetmegelőzési Bizottság
  • KTE Baranya Megyei Területi Szervezet
  • BKK Zrt.
  • Rádiós Segélyhívó és Infokommunikációs Országos Egyesület
  • Innotéka Kft.
  • Dunferr Szakgimnázium és Szakközépiskola
  • Bocskai István Református Oktatási Központ
  • Boldog Gizella Katolikus Általános Iskola - Mohács
  • Magyar Közút Nzrt.
  • Országos Polgárőr Szövetség
  • Főmterv Zrt.
  • Department of Transport Systems and Policy, Students Research Group on Transport
  • Városi közlekedés c. lap
  • Magyar Plastiroute Kft.
  • Középnyugat-magyarországi Közlekedési Központ Zrt.
  • Felelősséggel a Közlekedőkért Alapítvány (KRESZ-SULI)
  • MEE Világítástechnikai Társaság